RAKU-RYU Cup ~ Easy to use,flushable stool collector ~

This product is a stool collection sheet designed for gathering samples from watery feces at hospitals. Accurate stool samples that are not contaminated by toilet water or urine can also be taken for use in areas such as research related to intestinal flora. The sheet is simple and clean to use as it can be flushed down the toilet as is.


What is the RAKU-RYU Cup?

The Raku-ryu Cup makes the otherwise troublesome task of collecting a stool sample easy.
The stool sample collection sheet makes accurate testing possible as the sheet never comes in contact with the toilet water. It is also designed to handle watery feces (diarrhea), which previously presented problems for collecting stool samples.
Since it is possible to collect accurate stool samples with this product, it is suitable for use in research and clinical trials related to intestinal flora, pharmaceuticals, and functional foods.

Conventional Products

Collecting a stool sample was difficult for several reasons

  • Unable to collect a sample from watery feces
  • Contamination by toilet water made it
    difficult to collect a sample
  • Plastic collection kits not flushable after use
  • Paper cups had to be held by hand or patients
    had to sit backwards on the toilet


  • Reliably collect a sample from watery feces
  • Collection of a stool sample can be done with no risk of contamination by toilet water

Allows for more accurate testing

  • Flushable for easy disposal after use
  • Easy to set up
  • Designed to prevent slippage

How to use the Raku-ryu Cup


Remove the release paper from the tape on the back side of the product.

* Do not flush the release paper down the toilet.


Lift the toilet seat. Attach the sheet to the edge of the toilet.

*Make sure to properly unfold the sheet before mounting it on the toilet.

STEP3|Stool sample collection

Put the seat down and use the toilet. Lift the seat and collect a sample.


Detach the sheet from the edge of toilet and flush it down the toilet.

*Slowly peel the sheet from the edge of the toilet so you do not leave remnants of the tape on the toilet bowl. Removing the sheet too quickly could result in the sheet tearing or leave remnants of the tape adhesive on the toilet.

Examples of use

Hospitals (bacteria test)

An easy and reliable method to collect a stool sample for patients with watery feces (diarrhea). Previously it was difficult to retrieve a sample from sheet-type collectors. Also, no cleaning is required as with plastic-type collectors.

Physical examination centers

An easy and reliable method to collect a stool sample (fecal occult blood) for use in testing, such as a colorectal cancer exam. Previously, some patients skipped taking a fecal occult blood test as they were not able to collect a sample using conventional methods.

Research institutes, including those doing research on intestinal flora

As there is little chance of contamination by toilet water or urine, accurate testing can be conducted for the use of intestinal flora, a topic recently being covered on television.

Reassuring quality

Reliable flushability testing

The Raku-ryu Cup underwent testing by the Japan Recreation and Miscellaneous Goods Safety Laboratory. The results of the test showed that there was no problem when the Raku-ryu Cup was flushed down the toilet.

  • *Toilets with ø50 pipe with capable of handling 4 liters of water
  • *Testing assumed use with a water-saving toilet

Cleared water- and pressure-resistance testing

Tests were also conducted to assess the Raku-ryu Cup’s resistance to pressure when collecting a stool sample. Resistance was tested after pouring 300 cc of water into the Raku-ryu Cup and waiting 3 minutes. The product withstood 1-5 kg-2 kg of pressure. (The average amount of a single bowel movement is around 300 g.)

Thinly folded

The Raku-ryu Cup comes folded.
It can be inserted into an examination kit in its folded state.

Price list

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