Flushable stool sample collection sheetRaku-Ryu Cup Wide

Easy set-up & fuss-free collection Just flush into the toilet after use

Patent approved

For tests and research on
colorectal cancer, gut
calprotectin, etc.

Easy set-up & hassle-free collection.

Just flush into the toilet after use.

Designed to prevent contamination from unwanted substances or loss of sample; Introducing a new user-friendly, improved function stool sample collection sheet.

For research / healthcare institutions

For hassle-free,
fail-proof stool sample collection
at your annual health checkup

Easy to set up, easy to use. Use the toilet in a normal, relaxed position - easy collection & no dirty hands. Just flush it into the toilet after use.
Suitable for use with automatic flush toilets; Introducing the fail-proof stool sample collection sheet.

For general customers

Recruitment results

Japan Microbiome Consortium, Public university, Private university, University hospital, Other hospitals, National research institute, Other research institutes, Pharmaceutical company, Food company, Enterobacterial flora utilization company